About Our Trampoline Parks

Jump. Laugh. Sip. Eat.

Madhouse ain’t your average trampoline park. We are an experience with the sole purpose of creating a feeling for each and every customer, or as we refer to them as our Madhouse “Family of Friends”. We are committed to the safety and enjoyment of our “Family of Friends”.

Community involvement is vitally important to us, because we know a strong community creates a lasting impact on generations to come.

The Madhouse Community Philosophy was born from mentoring young staff from our surrounding area and helping them to develop valuable life skills. We have always been very successful because every staff member has the ability to show their value on a daily basis.

So just know, when you enter our Madhouse parks, our staff members understand the importance of serving our family and friends.

We Are Mad House

Activities at the Madhouse

There's a Lil' Somethin' for Everyone

Try out your acrobatic moves in our largest area with wall to wall trampolines. Bounce off the walls or try out your best flips and tricks.

Get your climb on with our massive 34-ft climbing wall. Race your friends or challenge yourself to climb like you’re on the face of a cliff in the mountains

Become the next Dunk contest superstar at any of our 3 trampoline slam ball hoops. This is the best time to try out your favorite player’s moves, or get creative and inspire a new generation of gravity-defying dunks!

Compete against your friends as you battle it out to see who is the dodgeball champion in our trampoline dodgeball courts.

Become a gladiator and battle your friends in a competition of strength and balance on our Bash Beam

In the ultimate test of focus and balance, cross our slack line like you’re on a tight rope at the circus.

An immersive player vs. player or cooperative virtual reality experience.

Hologate Virtual Reality

Test your Ninja Warrior strength, balance and agility on this obstacle course with loads of different challenges! You can even time yourself to compete against friends!


Try out new flips and tricks with the safety of a stunt bag. If you dream it, you can do it at the Mad Stunt Bag.


Reach the summit on this 30 foot dual climbing wall. Climb against your friends and beat the clock as you watch who can climb the fastest!

The Trampolines Aren't The Only Things That'll Get You Jumpin'

Madhouse offers a little bit of something for everyone with our robust offering of entertainment pieces. We are constantly adding different acts to engage each of our guests with a quality show for an affordable price.


Madhouse Parties

Kids Celebrations, Group Events and More.

We know that hosting a birthday party can be a very stressful endeavor. At the Madhouse, we believe that Birthday parties are not only for the kids to enjoy, but also the parents. Our hosts are committed to making sure your party is a party full of memories and fun that will be talked about for a long time.

Madhouse Amenities

Just a Few Extras For You to Enjoy
  • 4000 SQ. FT. MEZZANINE (Madison)

The Madhouse Kitchen

Fuel up and cool down

We believe that locally sourced ingredients are paramount in creating a truly vibrant menu that reflects the nature of our community. We are committed to offering our guests a top-notch menu that is unlike any that you have seen in a trampoline park before. We encourage you to stop by and try out our different offerings including our rotating menu items.

Career Opportunities

Join Our Team

Please download the application, complete it, then email it to info@madhouseexperience.com. Thank you for your interest!